Which ones do you like to go to?

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Which ones do you like to go to?

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I typically go to 2 main conferences: SmallSat Symposium (February, Mountain View, CA), CubeSat Developers' Workshop (April, San Luis Obispo, CA), and SmallSat Conference (August, Logan, UT).

I go to the SmallSat Symposium because there is a lot of focus on business trends.

CubeSat Developers' Worksho is pretty close to where I live and I get good technical exchanges with others. It's still a small enough conference that it's still single track and I'm not overwhelmed. There is a big emphasis on academic research and learning.

SmallSat Conference in Logan is probably the biggest of the small satellite gatherings, and is only getting bigger! Just about everyone the world over comes, so you get great exposure to what is happening in other parts of the world. There lots of vendors, so it's easy to see what companies are offering as products.

What conferences do you attend and why?

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